Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, then the physical and emotional changes quite dramatically. In most women, stress and panic is the most common, especially when the first pregnancy. Advertisement Such conditions are certainly not very good impact on the developing fetus. Well, one effective way to deal with it is by doing pregnancy yoga exercises.


The practice of yoga provides many benefits, not only for the physical health and emotional stability of pregnant women, as well as the fetus. Here are the benefits of yoga exercises performed during pregnancy:


At the time of exercise, the mind and the body will be trained to be more relaxed and focused on the health of my mother and the fetus. This will reduce stress on the mother, and will feel more confident in building a relationship with the fetus.

Reduce pain

Reduce pain and stiffness while pregnant gentle stretching movements performed in yoga will help reduce the pain and stiffness are mostly experienced by pregnant women. When pregnancy is greater, will usually feel pain when made to walk. With the practice of yoga, such complaints would be reduced.

Maintaining the quality of sleep

There are few pregnant women who complain of difficulty sleeping, or having trouble sleeping (insomnia). Also pregnant women often feel the body ache and fatigue after waking from sleep. Yoga therapy can address these problems. With breathing exercises and movements that make the body more relaxed in yoga, then it will create peace and good sleep quality.

Strengthens muscles

Yoga strengthens muscles are kind of light exercise to strengthen muscles. Because pregnant women hormonal changes occur, then the pregnant woman’s body will naturally become more flexible. Thus, pregnant women should have to be careful, that is to avoid muscle strain. One way to avoid straining the muscles in pregnant women is to practice yoga.

Facilitate the process of normal birth While giving birth in the normal way

The mother is required to be able to catch his breath properly. If the setting is not good breath, it can inhibit the birth process. By doing yoga exercises regularly, the mother who gave birth to normal already trained in regulating breath and relaxed while undergoing the process of childbirth. Yoga for pregnant women indeed many overall benefits to the fetus and the mother. However, the practice of yoga during pregnancy should be under the supervision of a professional yoga trainer. It also should consult a gynecologist, and got his approval, given the state of health of each person is different.

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