12 Movement for Beginners Basic Yoga for Weight Loss

Having abdominal fat and excess weight certainly makes you uncomfortable. For most people it is definitely crave an ideal body and slim. Belly that looks ideal and more comfortable to look slim, especially going to add to our confidence.

The ideal flat stomach and slender also always been a dream of many women trying to make it happen. In fact, few people are willing to pay enough to get a slim body ideal as he wants. Many are also willing to undergo a strict diet, do heavy exercise, to have to adjust your diet with healthy foods.

All this was done was still not necessarily get a flat stomach is desirable. However, if we want a little more trying again actually has a slender body with no fat belly that could have been realized, and even without the cost of expensive to obtain. One such way is by doing a yoga move.

By doing yoga movements will be able to shrink and eliminate belly fat and weight meenurunkan. Then yoga movements are like what can make your stomach flat and slim body into this?

Here I will review yoga movements that can help you get a slim body shape and ideal.
1. Tadasana Yoga Movement


Tadasana is the most basic yoga movements and easy to try. Benefits Tadasana movement is to facilitate the circulation of blood in the body, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and helps balance the body’s natural muscle function.

Tadasana Yoga movement can be done simply by standing straight then  foot, raise your hands upward as he breathed. After 5 seconds of new tapakkan both feet on the mat while exhaling. Repeat this Tadasana Yoga as much as 5 to 10 times the bear again.

2. Movement Yoga Pavanamuktasana


Pavanamuktasana is the most relaxing yoga movements and easy to do. Such an advantage was also pretty good, that is to shrink the stomach, lose weight and make it flat beraat lean. Pavanamuktasana yoga moves can be done indoors or at home.

How do yoga movement Pavanamuktasana: first lying on the bed or mat yoga and  then straighten your legs. Then slowly take a breath and lift your face and your right foot. After that kiss on his knees, exhale. Always try to keep your back flat on the mat. Do the same using your left foot. Repeat 5 times.

To get the perfect movements you can do with three stages. The first phase done using the right foot, the second stage instead of using your left leg, and the third stage by using both feet simultaneously. Perform each movement as much as 5 times.

Pavanamuktasana doing yoga moves can make the body become more flexible, regulate breathing became more regular, and made into a flat stomach. How easy is not it?
3. Movement Yoga Bhujangasana


Among the many movements and styles of yoga, try also to make a move Bhujangasana style. Yoga movement Bhujangasana potent eliminate fat in the stomach to lose weight.

Bhujangasana yoga movement is also effective for toning the stomach, flex the hip and spine. As well as the routine motions Bhujangasana can avoid back pain.

How do yoga movement Bhujangasana is not too difficult, the first body lay in the prone position with your legs straight on the mat. Then hands placed under the shoulders. Having been in the position mentioned above, and press your palms and lift your body slowly while taking a breath slowly.

For those who have recently tried this movement or that they are not familiar, do not push yourself to instantly straightened up perpendicularly. You can try and practice it slowly until the body starts to get used to. Bhujangasana movement style is indeed effective to treat back pain.

By doing this movement will be more toned abdominal muscles at once will burn fat in the abdomen. Eliminate protruding belly and fat   is not necessarily costly, using drugs, or doing various strenuous exercise.

Now you can try new things more easily and will you get will not be lost by doing jogging, aerobics and other sports.
4. Movement Yoga Dhanurasana


Dhanurasana yoga poses are excellent for improving posture, although this movement tend to be difficult to do. But that does not mean you can not try it. Dhanurasana yoga movement is very powerful for burning fat accumulates in the abdomen, weight loss strengthens the back muscles and make your posture becomes more established again.

While doing the pose, the blood circulation will be reduced and after a period of rest the circulation of blood will flow in larger quantities. This can improve the flexibility of the spine and increase the level  .

Dhanurasana yoga movement even though his movement a little difficult, but if done regularly, then you will also be used as well. How do Dhanurasana yoga movement, the first one was lying facedown, then multiply your knees up and grasp the ankle by hand.

After that lift the body up to the head upward advance. In this phase the body try to form as the arch-like boat. Which became the foundation on this Dhanurasana yoga movement is the stomach. The head and the view towards the top, do and hold for half a minute to a minute long.
5. Movement Yoga Padahastasana

Movement for Beginners Basic Yoga for Weight Loss

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Distended stomach can also be removed by this Padahastasana yoga movement. This yoga movement can facilitate oksiden to the brain so that it can make us smarter, you know, other than that this movement can also burn fat in the body, lose weight and tighten the abdominal muscles.

How do yoga movements Padahastasana the first is, stand up straight, then lift both arms upward with a sigh. Then drag and drop your hands under your feet while exhaling.

Padahastasana yoga movement is performed for one minute. If not used do not push yourself to do the perfect pose to really face facing the knee. Do the yoga Padahastasanaini several times.
6. Movement Yoga Naukasana


Yoga movement Naukasana benefits to eliminate belly distended into the shape of a flat stomach that desire. Naukasana yoga movement can burn fat in the stomach and lose weight.

How do yoga movement Naukasana firstly settle onto and squeeze the feet and hands in the perfect attitude. Then inhale and raise your arms slowly, accompanied also by lifting head and shoulders upward. Then lift your feet too tall to position the shoulder.

Body load center is at the navel. Then hold up to 30 to 60 seconds, and do this exercise five times. Naukasana yoga moves will make your abdominal muscles become firmer and stronger. Besides fat in the abdomen distended will also disappear, so will form a flat stomach as desirable.

Perform Yoga movement Naukasana regularly to get the best results and stomach buncitmu certainly will not be back again.
7. Movement Yoga Uttanpadasana


Uttanpadasana yoga movements can also make you cope with a protruding belly fat and excess weight. Distended stomach is often a problem for many people. To get a flat stomach and no longer bloated you can try doing yoga moves Uttanpadasana.

How do yoga moves first Uttanpadasana ie, lie down with a perfect position on the mat. Then straighten your legs and arms straight beside the body. Then slowly lift your legs up to form 40 degrees to perpendicular. The next step simply hold that position for one minute.

Then lower slowly back to the perfect position. Perform and repeat this Uttanpadasana yoga as much as 5 to 10 times. Uttanpadasana powerful yoga moves to tighten the leg muscles and abdominal muscles. So that fat in the abdomen and thighs can be reduced.

Perform routine Uttanpadasana yoga movements for maximum results until it gets the desired shape.
8. Movement Yoga Vrksasana

Man doing yoga

Man doing yoga


Vrksasana Yoga movement is beneficial to strengthen and shape the sides of the abdomen. So by doing yoga moves Vrksasana desire to get a flat stomach and slender can be realized.

How do yoga movement Vrksasana first step is to take a standing position perfectly with both hands at his sides and feet together touch each other. Then put your left foot to the inside of the right thigh. Then drag the hands in front of chest height to align with your right hand and the left stick together, hold up twice breath.

By the time the third gusts, raise it to the top with an open hand position. The next step back to the starting position by flexing the right foot to the inside of the left thigh, do as you did in step with your right foot earlier. Do the yoga Vrksasana repeatedly until feels quite appropriate abilities.
9. Motion Yoga Chaturanga


Chaturanga Yoga movement is useful to shrink the stomach, and menurnkan weight, other than that there are also other benefits to be derived by the body, the shoulder we will be stronger, not only the shoulders, arms and back will also be getting stronger.

Step Chaturanga doing yoga moves first is to take a position as push-ups, namely feet resting on his toes, his hands resting on his shoulders, and body position parallel from toe to head.

Then lower your chest toward the floor (do not touch the floor) while exhaling. Until palms close to the body and abdominal muscles tightened. In doing this movement hold for a minute while doing so.
10. Yoga Movement Marjariasana


This Marjariasana yoga moves anyone can do even for beginners, and can also be safely performed by pregnant women. Yoga movement Marjariasana useful for forming the abdominal muscles and increase flexibility in your spine. According to experts, this yoga movements are also many other benefits that we will get our emotions will be more controlled. Our emotions will be more controlled and mind will be calmer.

Step perform yoga movements Marjariasana is not too difficult, the body’s first position as will be crawling with wrist position parallel with the shoulders and knees under hips. Then breathe a long while strengthen abdominal muscles and pull the buttocks upwards.

Exhale accompanied by pulling the chin to his chest. Keep the back and buttocks curved downward. Perform yoga marjariasana and repeat this several times.
11. Movement Yoga Paschimottanasana


Yoga Movement Paschimottanasana also one of the powerful yoga moves to mengempeskan distended abdomen and lose excess weight. Besides doing yoga moves will make the back more flexible. Step Paschimottanasana doing yoga moves first is to sit on a mat with your legs straight ahead.

Position your back stays straight. And then inhale and kempeskan stomach. Subsequently hold the feet with both hands to kiss the knee. Hold that position for a minute and do repeatedly as much as 5 to 10 times. If you are still preliminary and not yet accustomed to, you do not have to push to get the perfect attitude.
12. Movement Yoga Navasana


Navasana Yoga movement is useful to shrink the stomach distended and also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. Navasana yoga moves the body requires balance and concentration. So that our minds will be more focused to do the yoga moves.

Step perform yoga movements Navasana: first by taking a sitting position, then lift the leg and upper body in order to get like shape of the letter “V”. Hold in this position for 30 seconds, and do as much as two times. If they have trouble doing this Navasana yoga movements, you can try to start it with folded knees.

If your back feels strained and uncomfortable, you can try using a chair or stool to prop up the legs and upper body. Similarly, reviews of some of the movements of yoga are beneficial to shrink the stomach and shape the body into an ideal shape and slim. Good luck and good benefit.

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